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Bravo 1 takes great pride in offering the highest quality products for U.S. Military and Government personnel. Membership into Bravo 1 is free and entitles its members access to exclusive products and pricing not available to non-members. We strive to ensure that the integrity of the program is maintained for those who serve.

This program is dedicated to:
*U.S. Military: Active, Veterans, Retiree, and Reservist.
*First Responders: Federal and Local, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS
*Government: Tactical, Executive & Intelligence Community (IC)


Our Membership Program includes:
1. Access to Bravo 1 products and services
2. Exclusive partner offers and pricing
3. Exclusive product releases, to include...
++ Limited runs and exclusive pricing
++ Ballistic MIL-SPEC rated EDC products (soon)
++ Exclusive partner offers and discounts
++ Special collections such as THE 22 PROJECT
++ Partner collaborations with OSCAR MIKE, SSS, and others


1. Verify your credentials with our trusted verification service
2. Receive a unique discount offer code to use at checkout
3. Get immediate access to available products and services
4. You are now a Bravo 1 member and can manage/track your order

To keep the integrity of the program, your account and discount codes are authorized for your use only and are non-transferable.

Bravo 1 is an exclusive membership program established solely for active duty, reserve, or veteran service members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as active and retired paramedics, firefighters, and police officers from the United States and the immediate adult family members of those that are eligible.

Before you can make a purchase, we need to make sure you are eligible. Bravo 1 uses SheerID, a trusted partner, to verify your eligibility. SheerID only collects information that assists in verifying your eligibility.

*If you are having issues getting verified, please email for assistance placing an order.

First Responder's please Click HERE to confirm eligibility